Gåte // Nord // Vinyl


Gatefold Sleeve edition on reverse side print, with Gold hot foil print, printed inner sleeve.

Delivery takes between 1-2 weeks.
Shipped from Norway


01 Solfager og Ormekongen

02 Svik

03 Hemnarsverdet

04 Horpa

05 Talande Tunger

06 Rideboll og Gullborg

07 Sigurd og Trollbrura

08 Kjærleik

09 Jomfrua Ingebjørg

10 Sjåaren

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Gåte had its breakthrough in the early 2000s and quickly proved to be a national treasure. Their unique combination of traditional Norwegian folk music and explosive rock catapulted them from the practice basement to major stages in record time. Since then, their musical universe has brought folklore to Europe and beyond.

The Trondheim-based folk-rock band has performed over 600 concerts in Scandinavia, released five albums, and won several awards, including the 2002 Spellemannprisen for "Newcomer of the Year" with their debut album 'Jygri.'

In 2017, the band made a small comeback, releasing their first song in 12 years. The following year saw the release of the album 'Svevn,' which was praised by several critics.

In 2023, Gåte had a successful tour in Norway, including Rockefeller in Oslo. Norway Rock Magazine wrote the following about the Oslo concert:

"It was quite a Norwegian rock bonanza happening in a certain quarter in Oslo when Kaizers Orchestra sold out Sentrum Scene at the same time as Gåte was playing in front of an equally sold-out Rockefeller. Very good to see that Norwegian rock history still both lives and delivers."